Pyramid Party Rentals (formerly known as The Jumpy Bunch) first opened our doors in 2011 with 4 small bounce houses. We soon acquired Diablo Jumps in Danville, growing our inventory to 20 inflatable units, a couple of concession machines and 4 tables. We then made a major jump and added Photo Booths to our offerings. We continually add new, fun and innovative products to our inventory, while we promise to always offer the classics! We are a fun group, but we are certainly serious about being your #1 source for an amazing party rental experience!
We believe we have been so successful because we never stop proving that our customer service is our #1 priority. It is not good enough to simply meet your expectations as a satisfactory party rental company. That just will not do!
We understand that you are renting our equipment because you are organizing a special event. Special Events require *extra* special service. There enters Pyramid Party Rentals. We take pride in the 5-star Yelp reviews you give us... and we will not let you down!

Mixing Business with Pleasure

Meet the owners:

Gene: There is no pyramid without the man on top! Born and raised in San Francisco, Gene and his wife, Laurie (see below) moved to Brentwood in 2010. With 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter, he knows what it means to bring fun and entertainment to the masses!

Steven: The man with a party plan! When Steven sets his mind on something, he goes for it. If the kids want to bounce, he makes sure they bounce BIG! If the bride wants entertainment, he makes sure the booth is a SMASH! He is a family man and a business techie. As the husband to Kristy (see below), he is deep in the knowledge and mindset that **if YOU are not happy, he is not happy!**

Laurie: That tiara on her head is no prop! Just ask Gene. She is a proud Bay Area native and loves seeing the community thrive. As the mom of 4 daughters, and the grandma of 4 grandchildren, she has plenty of experience in Party Planning and puts it to good use every day with Pyramid Party Rentals!

Kristy: The mastermind behind the red curtain! In 2011, she gathered the family around and said **Let's do this!**. So they acquired a few jumpers and a sno-cone machine and went to it. She is the mom to an energized 9 year old son and a fun-loving teenage daughter. She is also the wife to Steven, so keeping these 3 kids entertained led naturally to a party rental business aimed to bring joy to ALL ages!

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